Mini Internal Turning Systems

System WINDEC:

Internal turning with ground carbide exchangeable inserts from bore Ø 4.0 mm

This extremely stable and compact boring bar system makes it possible to process small holes with a machining diameter of 4 mm at a reasonable price. Cutting inserts and pocket seat are precision ground and ensure the highest possible interchangeability. The pocket seat is located in the exact center position of the tool holder. The boring bars are available with a steel or carbide shank, as well as with an internal coolant. Carbides (P10, P40, K10), coated carbides (TiN, TiAlN), cermets, PCD and CBN are available as cutting materials for internal turning. The machining of steel, cast and light metal materials can be carried out in a tool holder by replacing the insert with the appropriately shaped cutting geometry.


This flexible system provides mini cutting inserts for internal grooving, boring, threading, or o-ring grooves as well as internal threads and internal axial grooves. When a cutting edge is worn, the second cutting edge can be used without any loss of precision. Easy and precise handling thanks to the mounting hole and the clamping screw. BOHRDEC special inserts or PCD components are supplied by SCHELL with a short delivery time on request.

Please download the 'Internal Turning Tools catalogues' here:
"Internal Turning WINDEC"
"Internal Turning BOHRDEC"