Bonded Diamond- and CBN grinding pins
from Ø0,3mm

SCHELL offers an extensive delivery program of diamond- and CBN grinding pins with a various range of bonding and carbide shank:

  • Resin bond: sharp grinding bonding with cool cut. Wet- and dry grinding possible. Perfect for finishing operations with high requirement on surface quality.
  • Metall bond: High thermal resistant. Excellent form stability due to high grit holding force. Therefore perfect for profile grinding.
  • Ceramic bond: Manufactured under high pressure. Therefore great for dressing.
  • MetalloCeramic Bond: This ceramic bond is, similar to metal bond, pressed under high temperature. Application is grinding of sapphire and oxide ceramics. 

Diamond grinding pins are used for processing carbide, ceramic, composite, fiberglass, carbon fiber. CBN grinding pins are excellent for grinding steel, HSS, special alloy and stellite. 

Beside special solutions, SCHELL offers an extensive stock program of diamond and CBN grinding pins.

Please download the catalogue here:
"Bonded diamond- and CBN grinding pins“