Quality policy

It is the company's objective to provide cutting tools and precision hard parts as well as to provide services that meet the needs and expectations of the customer.

Modern methods, proven procedures, selected and competent business partners as well as trained and qualified personnel are used for this purpose. We place high demands on the quality of our goods, services and procedures. It is our obligation to meet these requirements and to expand them all the time. The company management undertakes to accept only those demands for which the necessary human resources are also available. In addition to business rules, our decisions are based on the following value profile:

  • We run our company according to Christian principles in Responsibility before God and with respect for people.
  • People are the most valuable asset of our organization. We encourage and use the creativity of our employees.
  • Our work climate is characterized by trust, honesty and recognition. This also applies to cooperation with Customers and suppliers.

The following quality targets are systematically pursued by management and employees and regularly evaluated by management:

  • Customer satisfaction is the benchmark we measure
  • It is our goal to deliver products that meet customer requirements
  • Compliance with the delivery dates contributes significantly to the satisfaction of our customers
  • Reliable and fast communication is the key to customer loyalty
  • We use the creativity of our employees for continuous improvements
  • Our employees should find joy and fulfillment in their work
  • Preserving and increasing profitability makes it possible to improve our performance
  • Structured risk management secures the future of our company
  • We know interested parties and partners as well as their expectations