DIADEC Grooving and parting off system
Carbide turning tools for plastic and non-ferrous metals

Tooling system with high flexibility at grooving, parting off and form grooving. Only one tool holder is necessary for all widths. The insert clearance on the tool can be optimally adjusted to the cutting operation. Particularly high efficiency is ensured by the regrindability of the blades.

The DIADEC parting off and grooving system allows high flexibility and easy handling during operation. Each cutting width of 0.8 mm to 6.0 mm can be clamped in the same tool holder. The smallest holder square is 7x7 mm.

All inserts are available in a variety of carbide grades, coatings and PCD. A simple front-end grinding of the inserts is possible without carbide / steel composite grinding and ensures a high efficiency of the system. The SCHELL profiling service offers fast and flexible the profiling of DIADEC inserts. Even smaller profile inserts can be produced very cost-effectively with the DIADEC precision parting off and grooving system.

Please download the catalogue here:
"DIADEC grooving and parting off system"