Galvanic Diamond and CBN grinding wheels
Grinding wheels for maximum geometric precision

In the case of the galvanically bonded grinding wheels, the diamond or CBN abrasive grain is applied to the steel base body in a metallic nickel layer deposited via an electrochemically deposited metallic layer.

Galvanically coated diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels are characterized by a very high hardness, a high stability of the grain in the bond and a high thermal resistance. Higher grinding capacities are achieved due to an optimum grain overhang compared to bonded grinding wheels.

Galvanic coating also enables the realization of complex profiles with the highest geometrical precision. Dressing is not required. The wheel bodies can be repeatedly reapplied after wear of the coating. Galvanic coated grinding wheels are very abrasive and are suitable for machining steel, carbide, glass, ceramic and plastic. On request, galvanic grinding wheels can also be supplied in two layers.

Diamond is used for grinding hard metal, ceramics, composite materials, fiberglass and carbon fiber. CBN is suitable for steels, hardened materials, HSS, special alloys and stellite.

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"Galvanic Diamond and CBN precision grinding wheels"