Carbide End Mills MICROSTAR®

Micro end mill from Ø0,05 mm edge diameter

Precision micro end mill made of tungsten carbide with 2 cutting edges and center cut. Only micrograin K15F is used. Various milling lengths, as well as innovative coatings (for example, diamond coating), allow for a wide processing spectrum. Despite their small dimensions, the MINISTAR micro-cutters are designed to withstand heavy loads during milling. It is possible to mill steels with hardnesses up to 65 HRC with the micro-cutters or mini-tools. Also available as a radius cutter or as a micro-cutter with reinforced shank.

For example, in the production of injection molds, pre-stamping dies and press punches for mass production, impression tools, graphite and copper electrodes, as well as the highly precise surface structuring of macroscopic components and the direct production of miniature components in small and medium series.

Schell's micro-milling-cutters are similarly productive in their production of stainless and high-alloy steels – superalloys – as well as hard-to-machine, nickel-based materials. The special cutting geometries of the Mikro VHM cutters ensure a very good surface quality. Since they cut over the center, the micro cutters can also dip at an angle or helix to mill pockets into the full material (pocket milling).

Please download the MICROSTAR end mill catalogue here:
"Carbide end mill MICROSTAR"