Form milling cutters and special milling cutters
Special cutting tools in HSS, carbide, CBN and PCD

From the hand sketch to the precision product! As a tool supplier and developer, we address the special tool requirements of our customers and construct them as custom-made products according to customer specifications and our know-how.

Tailor-made custom-made products are required for many machining tasks. We deliver the highly specialized cutting tools with which you can implement your projects accurately. Together with you, we will discuss your requirements for our milling tools. No matter which materials you use, our special milling cutters are geared to your individual needs. Using CAD design, we as experienced tool developers create special tools and form milling cutters made of HSS, carbide and PCD, which not only optimally fit into your production process in your company, but also remain usable for a long time.

Application examples for SCHELL special milling tools:

  • Milling tools for spectacles
  • Form milling cutters
  • Profile milling cutters
  • Shank milling cutters with steps and special shapes
  • T-slot cutters
  • V-slot-cutters
  • Special milling cutters for machining turbines
  • Disk cutters
  • Key cutters
  • Prism cutters
  • Plug-in milling heads
  • Special inserts for milling tools
  • Carbide insert cutterhead
  • Special milling cutter for mold making
  • Carbide dovetail cutters
  • Christmas milling cutters (fir tree cutters)
  • Conical end mills
  • Double angle milling cutters
  • Woodruff key slot milling cutters
  • T-slot milling cutter

We like to produce the special cutting tools for your machining tasks!

High-quality fine grain carbide grades and innovative coatings ensure perfect productivity for your application.

Download here our catalog sheet about carbide special tools. We look forward to your inquiry about our special milling tools. Use our special milling cutter request form or call us: +49 7024 40898-0