Work Rest Blades for centerless grinding
Workrest Blades carbide and PCD-equipped

As a 'work rest blade' is called the workpiece support in rotationally symmetric centerless grinding. 'Work rest blades' are usually made of hardened tool steel and can be equipped with carbide or PCD for a higher wear resistance.

Centerless grinding or centerless cylindrical grinding is a special form of external cylindrical grinding in which the workpiece is not clamped but placed on a guide ruler (work rest blades) with a wedge-shaped cross-section. In the case of centerless grinding, a distinction is basically made between two process variants, through-feed grinding (also called continuous grinding) and plunge grinding (in-feed centerless grinding). In both centerless grinding processes, the workpiece is fixed in the machine by three essential machine components - grinding wheel, regulating wheel and the work rest blades.

The function of the work rest blades is decisively involved in the final accuracy of the ground workpieces. In addition, multiple workpieces can be sanded on the same rail at the same time with multiple work rest blades during machining. SCHELL offers a comprehensive range of such carbide guide rails for centerless grinding as well as continuous blades, recessing blades and prism blades, (V-blades):

  • New production and repair of work rest blades or grinding templates
  • Carbide or PCD-equipped work rest blades
  • Work rest blades or grinding templates made of tool steel or Ampco
  • Version as continuous blades, recessing blades, prism blades or V-blades
  • Made according to support rail pattern, customer drawing or own drawing (2D, ACAD or 3D Solid Works)
  • For centerless grinding machines by Bhagwansons, Glebar, Jainnher, Junker, Micron, Mikrosa, Nomoco, PEE-WEE, Herminghausen, König & Bauer, Agathon, Chudin, Lidköping, Ghiringhelli, Cincinnati, Estarta, Hartex, Danobat Overbeck, PeTeWe, etc ...
  • short delivery times of work rest blades and high flexibility

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Work rest blades for centerless grinding

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