Bonded Diamond- and CBN grinding wheels
Super hard grinding wheels for wet and dry grinding

Diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) are considered the hardest known abrasives. Diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels are suitable for grinding materials that can no longer be processed with conventional abrasives - such as silicon carbide or corundum.

SCHELL offers a comprehensive range of such diamond and CBN grinding wheels in a wide variety of innovative grinding wheel bindings:

  • Grinding wheels in synthetic resin bond:

    Synthetic resin bonded grinding tools ensure cool grinding and high cutting performance. Grinding with resin-bonded tools can be done by wet grinding or dry grinding. Synthetic resin bonded grinding wheels are ideally suited for achieving the highest surface quality.
  • Grinding wheels in metal bond:

    The metal bond is characterized by a high thermal load capacity. The large grain holding force of the metallic bond provides excellent shape retention during grinding. Perfectly suitable grinding wheel binding for profile grinding or groove deep grinding of solid carbide milling cutters.
  • Grinding wheels in ceramic bond:

    Ceramic bonded grinding tools are manufactured without pressing pressure. As a result, the ceramic grinding wheel binding is characterized by an excellent dressing.
  • Grinding wheels in metal ceramic bond:

    Metal-ceramic bonded grinding tools are pressed at high temperatures, similar to metal bonded tools. Metal-ceramic-bonded grinding wheels are used for grinding sapphire ceramics and oxide ceramics.

Diamond grinding wheels are used in the machining of carbide, ceramics, glass, composite materials, GRP, and CFRP. As standard, SCHELL diamond grinding wheels are available in the diamond particle sizes D30 / D54 / D64 / D76 / D91 / D107 / D126 / D151 / D181 / D252.

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheels are suitable for difficult to machine and high alloyed hardened steels from 54 HRC, Hardened Materials, HSS, Tool Steels, Hard cast, Special Alloys and Stellite. As standard the SCHELL CBN grinding wheels are available in boron nitride grain sizes B46 / B64 / B76 / B91 / B107 / B126 / B151 / B181 / B252.

Areas of application of the diamond and CBN grinding wheels from SCHELL:

  • Centerless grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Internal cylindrical grinding
  • External cylindrical grinding
  • coordinate grinding
  • Profile grinding
  • Thread grinding
  • Grinding camshafts
  • Grinding crankshafts

We are happy to offer you diamond and CBN grinding wheels with individual grinding wheel grit, grinding wheel concentration and grinding wheel binding. For example, For deep grooved grinding, for grinding of PCD, carbide, HSS and chilled cast iron, cutting and grooving from 0.1 mm width, composite sanding or similar complex applications.

For the realization of complex profiles with the highest geometric precision - or if there is no possibility of rotary dressing - we also recommend the use of galvanic bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels.

Please download our diamond and CBN grinding wheel catalog:
'Bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels, series DIAMETAL'