Diamond-coated milling cutters
Solid carbide end mills with pyramid cross cut for milling composite materials (graphite, carbon, AFRP, GFRP, CFRP)

The CARBONSTAR cutter combines two important properties on the milling cutter: polished chip grooves and extremely sharp cutting edges. Pyramid toothed cutters are produced in a special grinding process. This leads to the milling tool:

  • A lower friction coefficient
  • High cutting durability when milling carbon, AFRP, GFRP or CFRP
  • Better chip removal when milling composite materials
  • High tool life of the milling tools

CARBON-STAR Solid carbide milling cutter with pyramid teeth made by SCHELL are available in three cutting edge versions:

  • fine: Fiber plastics with high fiber content (F)
  • middle: soft fiber plastics with adhesive (M)
  • rough: sandwich materials and foams (G)

Each in combination with one of the two cutting material variants:

  • Solid carbide with polished flutes: Very sharp cutting edges
  • Solid carbide with diamond coating (HC): High hardness of 10,000 HV, 5-15 times higher  tool life, cutting slightly less sharp

The quality of work in the milling of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, is primarily determined by a perfect surface and first-class edges. K.O. criteria are, therefore, fiber tears (delamination), fiber supernatants, this means not completely cut fibers, as well as combusted resin. The latter is often not recognized or misinterpreted when assessing a particularly striking glossy surface. Cooling is advisable as fiberglass and carbon fiber components are poor heat conductors.

Please download the CARBONSTAR catalogue here:
"Diamond toothing cutter CARBONSTAR"