Galvanic bonded Diamond- and CBN grinding pins
from Ø 0,2 mm

Galvanic bonded CBN- and Diamond grinding pins are characterized by high hardness and a stronger holding force of the grit in the bonding. Dressing of the pin is not necessary. Also in transition area to softer material galvanic grinding pins provide relatively high productivity. Main character of the galvanic coated diamond and CBN grinding pins:

  • Manufacturing of complicated profiles
  • Smallest dimensions posiible
  • Re-Surfacing of grinding pins possible
  • Excellent grip of the grinding pin

Applications of diamond grinding pins are processing carbide, ceramic, composite, fiberglass and carbon fiber. CBN grinding pins are excellent for grinding steel, hardened material, HSS, special alloy and stellite. 

Beside special solutions, SCHELL offers an extensive stock program of diamond and CBN grinding pins.

Please download the galvanic bonded grinding pins catalogue here:
"Galvanic Diamond and CBN grinding pins series DIAMETAL"
"Galvanic Diamond and CBN grinding pins series RATIOLINE"