Milling tools

Milling tools are rotating cutting tools for the manufacturing process milling, which are called in the jargon short 'milling cutter'. Milling tools have at least one, but usually several cutting edges, which are referred to as cutting.

Single and double tooth cutter SCHELL ALUSTAR®

Single and double tooth end mills for aluminium

MICROSTAR® Carbide End Mills

Mini end mills from diameter 0,05mm

CARBONSTAR End mills for composites (CFRP/GFRP/AFRP)

Diamond toothed end mills for modern material

PROSTAR form cutters and special milling cutters

Special cutting tools in carbide and PCD

Precision solid carbide gear cutting tools

Precision ground with highest profile accuracy

DIASTAR PCD end mills - lasered precision!

PCD end mills with lasered cutting edges